Welcome to SFS!


Colm Flanagan - Head of School

Let me officially welcome you to this year’s APAC Tennis tournament. I am looking forward to the excitement of watching talented players, striving to win each point and every game. I am also anticipating the kind of sporting behavior that shows the deep respect we have for each other as schools, students and faculty members. 


Moreover, it is with a great sense of honor that we welcome such a group of fantastic schools on to our campus. We are excited by the opportunity of hosting a wonderful sporting event but also to extending and forging new friendships with all those that believe that sport is an integral part of a great international school.

We are looking forward to your arrival and the opportunity to offer you our warmest welcome.


Jeff Holcomb - HS Principal

Welcome to Seoul and SFS! We are truly honored to have you with us for the next few days of great competition and camaraderie.


Watching APAC over the years, I am always impressed by the intense level of competition on the court immediately followed by great friendships that last over the years. This is an incredible and unique facet of APAC competitions, and one I look forward to seeing in action again this year. Friendships built at APAC span countries and often last beyond high school and into university - so take time to invest in relationships with the fantastic folks you will meet here. 

A special shout out to our seniors who have dedicated years and countless hours to practice and investing in friendships, the school and the team. Have a great last APAC - end your high school tennis career in a way that leaves you proud and is worthy of all you’ve put into your game to this point.


Paul Rader - Director of Sports

We are very excited to be hosting you here at SFS for the APAC Asia Division Tennis Tournament. Out of all the APAC sports, Tennis is a personal favorite because the level at which the athletes compete is truly exceptional. With the list of schools attending, we are anticipating an incredibly competitive tournament from top to bottom, which will surely bring some exciting tennis and amazing rallies and displays of athleticism.


Playing against the best competition brings out the best and so we are looking forward to not only the high level of play, but the high level of sportsmanship and integrity that we have come to expect from all of our APAC athletes.


We hope that your stay with our host families, as well as your experience around campus and at the courts is a positive and memorable one. Please do not hesitate to ask me or anyone at SFS for help if you need anything.


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